Debian 5

OpenSSL Debian 5

How to install OpenSSL on Debian 5

  1. Install OpenSSL
    apt-get -y install openssl

How to configure OpenSSL on Debian 5

Comming soon...

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VirtualBox Guest Additions Debian 5

How to Install VirtualBox Guest Additions on Debian 5

  1. On the Guest Machine:
    1. Open a terminal
      Applications > Accessories > Terminal
    2. Update your APT database:
      apt-get update
    3. Install the latest security updates:
      apt-get upgrade
    4. Ensure packages required by VirtualBox Guest Additions are installed:
      apt-get install build-essential module-assistant
    5. Configure your system for building kernel modules

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Configuring Debian 5

How to configure Debian 5

*Disclaimer:  This configuration of Debian 5 is for use in a development environment only and is not recommended for production use.

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Install Debian 5

How to install Debian 5

  1. Download the Debian 5 Installation ISO of your choice.
    1. Visit the Debian 5 download site:
    2. Click the Official CD/DVD images of the "stable" release link
    3. Click the link for your architecture
    4. Click the debian-506-*-DVD-1.iso link to save the file to your system
  2. Burn the .iso file to a dvd or any other bootable media.

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Lamp Debian 5

How to install and configure LAMP on Fedora 13

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    2. How to configure Debian 5
    3. If you need to install virtualization tools


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