Configure CentOS

Configure CentOS

When booting CentOS RedHat Linux for the first time, you are presented with a wizzard to configure the system before it is ready to use.

*Disclaimer:  This configuration of CentOS is for use in a development environment only and is not recommended for production use.

  1. Click Forward on the Welcome screen.
  2. Firewall
    1. Select Disabled and click Forward.
    2. Click Yes to override any existing Firewall configuration.
  3. SELinux
    1. Select Disabled and click Forward for our development environment.
    2. Click Yes to override any existing SELinux settings.
  4. Date and Time
    1. Select the Network Time Protocol tab.
    2. Check the Enable Network Time Protocol checkbox.
    3. Expand Show advanced options
    4. Check the Synchronize system clock before starting service checkbox.
    5. Click Forward.
  5. Create User
    1. Click Forward to skip creating a user.  We will use the root account.
    2. Click Continue to accept that we don't want to create a personal user.
  6. Sound Card
    1. Click Forward to accept the default sound card settings.
  7. Additional CDs
    1. Click Finish to finish configuring CentOS.
    2. Click OK to reboot for some of our settings to take effect.

CentOS is now configured.  Be sure to update CentOS with all the latest updates before use.

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