Install CentOS

Install CentOS 5

  1. Download the latest version of CentOS.
    1. Visit the CentOS mirror site:
    2. Choose between 32 bit (i386) or 64 bit (x86 64).
    3. Select a mirror to download from.
    4. Select the download ending in "LiveCD.iso".
  2. Burn the .iso file to a cd/dvd or any other bootable media.
  3. Insert the bootable media and start the computer, you should get a CentOS install menu.
  4. Press [ENTER] to install in graphical mode.
  5. Media Test
    1. Select OK to test the cd media.
    2. Select Skip to skip the media test.
  6. CentOS Graphical Install
    1. Click Next at the CentOS 5 screen.
    2. Select your desired language and click Next.
    3. Select your desired keyboard system and click Next.
    4. Hard Drive Initialization
      1. If your hard drive has not been partitioned or is partitioned with a schema unfamiliar to CentOS, you will get a "Warning" dialog box explaining that your hard drive must be partitioned.  Select Yes to initialize the drive erassing ALL DATA on it.
    5. Click Next to erase all existing Linux partitions and create a default layout for CentOS on the selected drive.  This tutorial does not cover how to review and modify a partition layout.
    6. Click Yes to confirm that you want to remove all existing Linux partitions and their data on the selected drive and create a new default layout for CentOS.
    7. Click Next to accept the default Network Device and it's settings.
    8. Select your desired region and click Next.
    9. Enter a root password and click Next.
    10. Click Next to setup a default instalation of CentOS.
    11. Clict Next to begin installing CentOS.
    12. Click Reboot to restart the machine.

Now that CentOS is installed, see how to configure CentOS when booting for the first time.

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