VMware Tools

This page is only for those working with virtual machines created via VMware Workstation.  VMware Tools is a utility that improves mouse and monitor functionality on virtual machines.  VMware Tools is installed from the host operating system onto the guest operating system via VMware Workstation.


This documentation was written for VMware Workstation 6.5 but may be usefull with other versions.

How to install VMware Tools

  1. On the host machine
    1. Select the VM > Install VMware Tools... VMware Workstation menu option.
    2. Accept any messages related to mounting the CDRom.
  2. On the guest machine
    1. Browse the CDRom.
    2. Double Click the .rpm file.
    3. Click Apply on the Installing packages message box.
    4. Click Install anyway on the Unable to verify VMwareTools message box.
    5. Click OK on the Software installed successfully message box.

How to configure VMware Tools

  1. Open a terminal window
    Select the Applications > Accessories > Terminal CentOS menu option.
  2. Run the VMware Tools configuration script
  3. Follow the configuration instructions
  4. Reboot the guest machine for all VMware Tools features to take effect.


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