Dynamic Languages Toolkit (DLTK)

Dynamic Languages Toolkit (DLTK) is a tool for vendors, researchers, and end-users who rely on dynamic languages. Visit the DLTK website for more information.


  • CentOS 5.x
  • Eclipse 3.4.x
  • Dynamic Languages Tollkit (DLTK) 1.0.x


Install Dynamic Languages Toolkit (DLTK) 1.0.x

  1. Open Eclipse
  2. Select the Help > Software Updates… menu option
  3. Select the Available Software tab
  4. Click the Add Site… button
    1. Set the Location field
    2. Click the OK button
  5. Expand the http://download.eclipse.org/technology/dltk/updates-dev/1.0/ option
  6. Expand the Dynamic Languages Toolkit (DLTK) option
  7. Select the following options
    Dynamic Languages Toolkit - Core Frameworks
  8. Click the Install… button
  9. Click the Next button
  10. Select the I accept the terms of the license agreements radio option
  11. Click the Finish button
  12. Click Yes to restart Eclipse

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