Configuring Debian 5

How to configure Debian 5

*Disclaimer:  This configuration of Debian 5 is for use in a development environment only and is not recommended for production use.

  1. Enable root login.
    1. Login as the user you created when installing Debian 5.
    2. Select the System > Administration > Login Window menu item.
    3. Enter the system root password.
    4. Select the Security tab.
    5. Check the Allow local system administrator login checkbox.
    6. Click Close.
    7. Select the System > Log Out *... menu item.
    8. Click Log Out.
    9. Login as the root user.
    10. Click Continue.
  2. Disable the CD-ROM software installation source.
    1. Select the System > Administration > Software Sources menu item.
    2. Select the Third-Party Software tab
    3. Uncheck the option beginning with cdrom.
    4. Click Close.
    5. Click Reload.

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