Install and Configure SSH on Ubuntu 14.04

Install SSH

sudo apt-get -y install ssh

SSH Keys

We need an SSH key pair for secure passwordless access to the server.
These steps are to be performed on a client machine such as a desktop or laptop and NOT on the server.

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Configure Ubuntu 14.04

  • Setup a new user.
    Some services that provide servers install the operating system for you preventing you from creating a user at installation. In this case you will need to perform some additional steps.
    • Add a new user.
      adduser {USER}
    • Add the new user to the sudo group.
      gpasswd -a {USER} sudo
  • Domain and Hostname

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Install and Configure LAMP on Ubuntu 14.04 for hosting

This tutorial walks through installing and configuring LAMP on Ubuntu 14.04 for hosting websites.

System Information

Before we begin installing and cofiguring LAMP, we must gather some basic system information.

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